While contemplating this ABOUT page my mind keeps wandering back to my childhood. The earliest work I remember is mowing the grass around the house I grew up in.

For a young kid, half of an acre is huge.

Every week I’d skip parts of the yard that you couldn’t see from the house and every week my dad would send me back out to cut them.

One day, after trying to convince him that you don’t need to cut the parts nobody sees, he sat me down and said, “If you’re going to do a job, do it right.”

It’s taken more than 20 years and some self-reflection but I’ve realized that those words are at the foundation of who I am.

They taught me to value quality, hard work, and integrity.

They’re the reason I spend time on the details that probably won’t get noticed, the reason I’m always trying to learn and improve, and the reason I’m so attracted to working with people that have passion for what they do.

I feel a connection with the people that take pride in a job well done.

As a photographer, these values guide my work. I see my subjects as hard-working heroes in their own story.

Currently, based in Salt Lake City and available for travel.